Massachusetts Parents Sue Boeing For Loss Daughter In 737 Max Crash (Video)

The parents of Miss Samya Stumo (24) are suing Boeing for “death by negligence.” They hold the aircraft manufacturer responsible for the crash in March, in which all other 156 passengers were killed in addition to Samya.

Meanwhile, the families of the Kenyan victims are also preparing to jointly file a complaint against Boeing.

The lawyers of Samya’s parents held a press conference in which they announced that they would start a lawsuit against Boeing. In addition, they filed a separate complaint against the American aviation authority FAA. The parents and brother of the victim were also present. “I have lost the most precious person in my life and I don’t want her to die for nothing,” said Nadia Milleron, the mother of Samya. “No more victims.”

Samya worked for ThinkWell, an organization committed to the development of health systems and was traveling for her job when the plane crashed. She was the niece of political activist Ralph Nader, who in the past has made two attempts at the presidency of the United States.

In Nairobi, lawyers from Kenya and the United States are joining forces to represent the families of the Kenyan victims in a lawsuit against Boeing. The team of six lawyers contacted ten families and hopes to reach even more before they will submit their complaint next week. Currently, two families have already taken up the services of the lawyers.


Picture Credit: Clifford Law


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