Migrants Clash With Greek Police Over ‘Fake News’ Open Border Rumors (Video)

Major clashes were recorded in northern Greece between riot police and migrants hoping for an entry to Europe after ‘fake news’ rumors were spread on Facebook that the border would soon open. Given the gravity of the situation, the Greek government even sent a minister to try and restore order.

Some 2,000 migrants, including families with small children, had gathered in a cornfield outside the camp by Friday afternoon, following a call on social media to try and cross the border and head to northern Europe (with Germany being the preferred destination) .

Migrants, reportedly led by an Algerian national in a wheelchair, picked up their belongings and tried to push forward. Riot police responding with tear gas and stun grenades.

Some of the migrants held banners reading: ‘Help us. We love you,’ as groups of women chanted “Open the borders” both in Greek and English.

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZGreek Migration Minister Dimitris Vitsas appealed to the migrants at the border to return to the camp, noting that they cannot cross into North Macedonia.

“It’s a lie that the borders will open,” said on the Greek national TV

An Iraqi migrant said to the BBC: “the situation is tense in Diavata camp now – we’re afraid that the police will try to evacuate our makeshift camp.

“I live in Greece for 11 months, waiting my asylum request to be examined and I don’t know for how long should I wait for that.”


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