Smuggle Method Means Most Madrid Hash Contains Traces Of ‘Shit’

Spanish researchers have revealed that some 90% of all hash sold on the streets of Madrid contains some form of ‘fecal matter’ and is highly sickening. They are advising people to stop smoking it.

Hash, the powdered variant of marijuana, is very popular in Spain where marijuana consumption is forbidden. Due to the powdered sticky form, it is much easier to transport and smuggle. However, most of the stuff is still smuggled in from Africa via ‘the swallowing method’ whether that is in the front or back end we will leave up to your imagination.

The high percentage of acorn-shaped packaging is probably due to the way in which they are smuggled into Spain, usually from Morocco. They are wrapped in cellophane and swallowed. The smugglers then take a laxative to excrete the drugs again.

In addition to the faecal bacteria, aspergillus fungus was also found on 10 percent of the drugs. This inhalation can have dramatic consequences for people with lung problems, such as asthma, or people with a vulnerable immune system.

Especially for cancer patients who would buy the drugs to reduce the pain, it can have serious consequences. “Their immune system is weakened anyway, making an infection fatal,” says Pilar Perez-Lloret, one of the researchers, in the largest Spanish newspaper El Pais.



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