Spanish Formula 4 Organizer Wants ‘Grid Girls’ With Minimum Chest Size

Formula One saw a revolt in January of 2018. Its new owners banned the use of ‘grid girls’ in January, saying that it would no longer use female models in opening ceremonies at grands prix because the practice was inappropriate and couldn’t exist any longer given the #MeToo movement which has gone worldwide.

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZHowever, in Spain, controversy has arisen around the requirements that ‘grid girls’ invited for a Formula 4 event must meet.

For a motorcycle and Formula 4 event, the organizer is looking for two more ‘hostesses’ to accompany the daredevils and walk in between the flashy machines before the start.

One condition is met with incomprehension: only ladies with a larger chest size are eligible.

This weekend a local championships will be held at the “Circuito de Navarra”. The Touring Car Championship will take place on Sunday, as well as a race in Formula 4.

Organizer Los Arcos Motorsport SL says it is all a misunderstanding and that they had no idea of the advertisement that Garbo Events would feature this requirement.


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