Trump Trolls Biden Who Responds In Kind (Video)

Current emocratic front-runner for the 2020 Presidential nomination, former Vice-President Joe Biden, sent out a tweet in response to US President Trump sending out a mockup video of the former’s apology. Thanks to both men using Twitter to communicate, US Politics is nothing like it used to be.

It all started when President Trump, just like his son has done before him, sent out a mock-up video of Joe Biden’s apology. In the ‘trolling version,’ Biden’s alter ego can be seen touching him inappropriately as he is giving his apology for ‘invading women’s personal space’ over the years.

Biden released the two-minute video addressing the claims of inappropriate touching years ago, saying he would be ‘more mindful about respecting personal space in the future.’

US President Trump captioned the mock-up video with ‘Welcome back Joe.’

In response, Mr Biden has now sent out his own tweet, saying: ‘I see that you are on the job and presidential, as always.’

If these two were ever to go against each other in a presidential debate, fireworks are to be expected. However, Mr Biden also realizes that in a field of 16 candidates, the front-runner at this stage is not certain of the nomination.


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