Brazilian Bridge Collapses After Ferry Crash, Cars Fall Into River (Video)

Two cars crashed into the Moju River in the Amazon region of Brazil on Saturday, when a ferry hit a bridge pillar. Part of the highway then collapsed. Divers are looking for potential victims. It is not known how many passengers there were.

The accident has blocked an important access road to Belem, one of the busiest port cities in the country, according to Brazilian authorities.

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZWitnesses saw two small cars disappear into the water during the accident, but they were unable to provide police any information about possible occupants. The chance that the passengers have survived the fall of the 200-meter-high bridge is extremely small. The five crew members of the ferry remained unharmed.

Governor Helder Barbalho spoke in a first reaction about a “sad day”. “At the moment our priority is the search for the victims and the support to their families.”

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