Heroic Australian Mother Saves Children From Burning Car

An Australian mum from Canberra was able to free her two sons from her car just before it burned out completely. A security camera filmed the event. The mother, Catherine Mayes, put the video on Facebook. “The ultimate wake-up call that life can be over in a few minutes,” she wrote.

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZAnd that danger was certainly there, as can be seen on the video images. Because Mayes had problems with her car battery, she had a portable auxiliary battery on the passenger seat to be able to start in the event of difficulties. When she parked her car to take the children to the park, the battery flipped open and she heard a hissing sound. In a few minutes her car would be on fire.

Fortunately, that was enough time for Mayes to save her 20-month-old toddler, Tommy, and her barely five-month-old baby, Hunter.

“I’ve been having problems with my car battery so have a Boxo battery pack that I keep in my car which is used to jump start my engine when need be, I used it to turn the car on to take the boys to the park, all was good,” she said.

“As soon as I pulled up and parked, the Boxo battery pack popped open and made a fizz sound.

“I quickly got Tommy out and as I was getting him out it exploded and let out a crazy amount of smoke and started to catch fire, raced to get Hunter out (you can still see his door open from me just pulling him out and running) at this point the car was filled with smoke, within a matter of a minute my whole car was on fire & everything inside it was gone.

“I didn’t realise the extent of the smoke in the car when I was getting Hunter out! Still feeling so unbelievably thankful I got my babies out.”


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