Brits Fear French President Macron Will Give ‘No-Deal Brexit’ Killshot

One name was repeated allover both the French and British press this weekend, that of former French President Charles De Gaulle. He was the French General who in the 1950s opposed Britain entering the EU.

It is the British press who now fears that French President Macron, needing a clear boost in popularity after three months of ‘Gilets Jaunes’ protests, will want to repeat his famous anti-British stance and think that his own ‘De Gaulle’ moment has come.

Mainstream British media is preparing for the upcoming EU – UK negotiations this week with only one headline in mind: what if… the EU says ‘no’?

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZUK Prime Minister Theresa May can easily be speaking of Brexit delay or timeline extension for all that she wants, but if the EU countries do not respond unanimously in kind, it could all be over very soon.

The headlines in both he French and British press these day claim that President Macron could just as well say ‘Non’ on Thursday, and thus immediately kick the UK out of the EU with no deal.

Brexiteers are rooting for the French President to act on his threat.


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