German Backpacker Horribly Raped, Murdered In Thailand

A 27-year-old German backpacker was brutally killed during her vacation in Thailand. The woman was first raped and then beaten to death with a stone. A 24-year-old local man has since admitted that he committed the murder “while he was high.”

Miss Miriam B. from Hildesheim had left on holiday to Thailand at the end of March. Last Sunday the German girl rented a scooter to explore the island of Ko Sichang, a trip she would never return from.

Along the way she came across a 24-year-old Thai who asked the young woman for sex. When she refused, the man overpowered her and raped her. The woman screamed that she would notify the police, causing the man to react even harsher. He took a stone and hit the woman on the head several times, hits that became fatal to her.

The perpetrator hid her bloody body behind a rock and covered it with stones and leaves, but a few hours later another tourist found it.

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZThe perpetrator, 24-year-old Mr Ronnakorn Romruen, has since been arrested.

He confessed immediately: he had killed the woman while under the influence of methamphetamine.


Picture credit: Facebook


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