New Zealand Bans This ‘Offensive’ Bikini From Public Pool

There is a letter making the rounds on social media at this moment in which owners of ‘antique and air guns’ are requested to hand them in under the country’s strict new gun laws.

I didn’t cover it as there is no way to check whether or not if it is a hoax. If it is, then Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern might just be taking her country’s reaction to the terrorist attack of a few weeks ago a tad too far, but that’s just my opinion (and opinions are dangerous to have on the internet lately apparently).

Be that as it may, bikinis seem to have become the newest target for the New Zealand ‘diversity’ police as a local singer called Yvette Harvie-Salter was apparently thrown out of a public pool for wearing one.

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZHere’s her story: “So, I just got kicked out of Albany Stadium Pool in the rudest, most unprofessional way. A woman who is supposedly the duty manager today pulled me out of the spa whilst I was happily going about my day and told me that she needed to have a conversation with me in private.”

“Apparently, the bikini I was wearing and have been wearing at the same pool for the past few months is not appropriate.”

“Her exact words were that it’s not a “rule” but a few of the mums have complained about it so I have to wear something more conservative. She asked me if I have any other bikinis at home and I do but they’re all the same! I bought this bikini from literally just across the road from the pool, and it’s 2019!!! All the bikinis in the store look like this! Almost every day I’m there, a child shits in the pool and it gets closed, I find that offensive. The same mothers ignore or scream at their children, I find that offensive. When I tried to address management to get my money back, they all literally laughed about it, I find THAT offensive.”

“I have been going to this pool up to three times a week for the past couple of years and they’ve just lost a valued customer. I’d love to hear anyone’s thoughts on this. Auckland Council Auckland Council Pools and Leisure Citizens Advice Bureau NZ”

Source: Facebook Yvette Harvie-Salter


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