Drunken Orlando Spirit Airlines Passenger ‘Flashes Bottom’ (Video)

Another day, another unruly airline passenger apparently. This clearly intoxicated woman threw a fit on a Spirit Airlines flight and flashed fellow passengers after she was asked to power down her cellphone before takeoff. She was in the end escorted off the plane to great applause of her fellow passengers.

Several people sitting in the rows behind the woman pulled out their phones to record the incident on a flight from Orlando to Newark.

One person’s video, shared by youtube channel ViralHog, shows the moment the woman notices how big her audience is and shouts: ‘Record all you f***ing want!’

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZFor a brief moment, she even twerks in the aisle revealing her naked bottom to everyone.

One specific woman is then called as ‘p***y a** ho’ who is ‘like her mother.’

As she walks off the plane, the others start clapping.

Picture credit: Youtube screenshot Daily Mail


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