SJW Causes British Supermarket To Retract ‘Racist’ Chocolate Easter Ducks


British Supermarket Waitrose was forced to pull a ‘trio of Easter Ducklings’ after an SJW warrior claimed that branding the dark chocolate one the ‘ugly’ duckling of the trio was ‘racist’.

Many on social media pointed out to the cover for the famous ‘the ugly duckling’ book in which a dark duck is outcast from its family as the origin for the product, but to no avail. It would appear that in 2019, anything that could in the slightest possible way ever harm or upset anyone is bound to be branded.

In the Waitrose chain you could buy a box with three types of Easter ducklings: variants with white, pure and milk chocolate. There was a name for each variant: while the white one was called “Fluffy” and the milk chocolate was “Crispy”, the (dark) pure duckling had the caption “ugly” (“ugly”).

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZThe idea was based on the book “The Ugly Duck” by Hans Christian Andersen, in which a brown duck is laughed at for its appearance.

To the outrage of a customer who posted a photo on Twitter with the caption “This doesn’t look good. If you have a thousand other options, why do you choose “ugly” ?????

The supermarket chain quickly apologized for the product and immediately took it off the shelves. “We are very sorry if we caused a fuss with the name of this product, that was absolutely not our intention,” it said.

Others claimed that Waitrose had fallen prey to ‘political correctness.’


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