Irish Thieves Use Crane To Steal ATM (Video)

In the northern Irish city of Dungiven, thieves have used a stolen digger to steal an ATM. Surveillance images show how the thief enters the parking lot of a store with a crane. He approaches his goal without thinking and pulls the cash machine out of the wall.

The thieves were clearly well prepared. The theft itself took barely four minutes. Afterwards they load their booty in a van without a roof. The thieves used the stolen crane again to do this.

After their spectacular theft, the men left the crane in the parking lot of the store and drove off with the van. The crane was probably stolen from a construction site nearby.

The Northern Ireland police have in the meantime issued a call to find witnesses of the theft. “In all thefts with ATMs, we see that this not only causes unbelievable damage, we also see that it creates fear among the population,” said Inspector Richard Thornton.

Two cash machines were stolen last week. The thefts always took place on the Irish border. According to the police, multiple gangs may be involved in the thefts.

Picture credit: Twitter @RedBSierra


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