Florida ‘Influencer’ Meltdown: ‘I Am Nothing Without My Following’ (Video)

An ordinary job? Pure horror for Jessy Taylor, and thus the young lady from Tampa (Florida) can be seen crying her lungs out after she lost her Instagram account. As a popular “influencer”, she literally lives on social media, so her fans are of vital importance.

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZ“I don’t want to work back in McDonald’s or end up on the street as a prostitute,” she claims in tears.

Taylor had collected more than 113,000 followers, but none of that remains since internet trolls reported her account as spam. In an emotional outburst on YouTube, she explains why this loss affects her so hard. “I can’t offer anything without my followers. I do my best to become a better person and then a couple of “haters” start reporting to me.”

However, other ‘influencers’ claim that Jessy is getting reported for spam because that is what she does and that her ‘meltdown’ is giving a bad name to millennials who already aren’t getting the best rap of the 21st century.

She continues: “I used to work as a prostitute. I got undressed every day. By earning my money online now, I was able to leave that miserable period behind me. I never want to experience such misery again.”

“My own family has abandoned me. Almost everyone I know has already planted a knife in my back. Put yourself in my shoes: nobody could keep this up for a long time.”


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