Pamela Anderson: Britain Is ‘America’s B**ch’ And ‘Needed A Diversion From Idiotic Brexit Bulls**t’’

Former Baywatch star actress Ms Pamela Anderson attacked the UK decision over the arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, stating that ‘Britain is America’s Bitch’ and that the British government was in dire need of any kind of ‘diversion from its idiotic Brexit Bullshit’

Ms Anderson launched a furious series of tweets as well as the video of the Wikileaks founder being carried out of the embassy by police while shouting incoherently.

She stated: ‘I am in shock.. I couldn’t hear clearly what he said? He looks very bad. How could you Equador? [sic] (Because he exposed you).

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZShe later followed up with: ‘And the USA ? This toxic coward of a President. He needs to rally his base? You are selfish and cruel. You have taken the entire world backwards. You are devils and liars and thieves. And you will ROTT.’

Mr Assange was arrested by British police after Ecuador dramatically withdrew his political asylum seven years after he was given refuge in the country’s London embassy.


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