‘Unscreened’ Californian Uber Airport Driver Returns To Rob House

A Californian Uber driver is in jail after a remarkable burglary attempt: the 38-year-old picked up his customers in San Mateo, California on Thursday, dropped them off at San Francisco airport, then drove back to the property and tried to break in there. That failed, and Jackie Gordon Wilson broke into a nearby house.

Wilson gave up his first attempted break-in after the alarm went off. A new burglary into a home a few blocks away succeeded. The thirty-something stayed in for no less than four hours, turned everything upside down and was able to flee with a large booty.

The robbed owners shared camera images of their smart doorbell on a website from manufacturer Ring.com. They were also viewed by the landlord of the place where the burglary attempt had failed. The homeowner rented his home through AirBnb and contacted the couple who had been brought to the airport. “Yes, we know that man. That is our Uber driver ”, they stated. The Airbnb home also has a smart doorbell. It was established that the taxi driver had driven back from the airport to the residence and had attempted to break into the car.

ckASa07yQR1Ad_-pPKlZThe next day the police were able to arrest the burglar in his home in Rancho Cordova, about a two-hour drive from San Mateo. He wore the same clothes as on the camera images. Part of the stolen booty was found with him.

The victims of the burglary exploded Wilson’s Facebook profile and found that he had served a prison sentence for a robbery. “In 2017, he posted that he had left prison six months ago. I was in shock, Uber has to do more to screen their drivers,” the woman said to a local ABC channel. The taxi app was contacted by various TV stations for a response, but didn’t come back for comment.

Source: https://abc11.com/uber-driver-accused-of-burglarizing-home-after-dropping-off-couple-at-airport/5240296/


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