Hilariously Hungover Scot Wakes Up In Wrong House (Video)

Did you ever wake up in the wrong house? This unknown Scottish man knows how it feels. Fortunately for him, the residents themselves understood the joke all too well: they even offered him a cup of tea and a cigarette to help him get rid of his hangover.

In a wonderfully spontaneous video the man explains how things can go so wrong. Apparently he had ordered a taxi, but he came out too late. Result: the driver had already left.

He decided to head back to the party but entered a wrong door and walked in with the neighbors. He installed himself in the chair with a blanket and fell asleep.

“This couple woke me up and asked who I was,” the man says with a big smile. “I said I was at the party, but they were truly surprised. Thank goodness she is from Glasgow and she gave me a warm welcome. I even got a cup of tea and a cigarette. “

“There were also noodles in front of me. Apparently I prepared it myself last night. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your understanding.”

Source: https://www.unilad.co.uk/life/guy-wakes-up-in-wrong-house-after-party-owners-reaction-is-hilarious/


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