Las Vegas Playboy Model Roommate Also Arrested For Sugar Daddy (71) Murder (Video)

The police have made another arrest in the investigation into the murder of child psychiatrist Thomas Burchard (71), whose body was found in early March in the trunk of a Mercedes in a desert area outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.

30-year-old Diana Nicole Pena has been in jail since Saturday. She has been charged with suspicion of murder. Together with Playboy model Kelsey Turner (25) and her boyfriend Jon Logan Kennison, the woman rented an apartment in the city.

According to the murdered doctor’s partner, the man spent at least 300,000 dollars on Turner in the last two years. A few years ago the woman was in the Italian Playboy and British men’s magazine Maxim. She told the 71-year-old psychiatrist – the one she probably met online – that she couldn’t rent a house because she was in debt. The murdered man paid the monthly rent for Turner and, according to the police, had “an intimate relationship” with the blonde suspect.

However, things went wrong at the beginning of March when the doctor brought the money to Turner – who is pregnant and lives in Las Vegas. According to testimonials, a drunk woman showed up at the model’s home and the psychiatrist took that woman with him to calm her down. Turner feared that her ‘sugar daddy’ would find out that she was having a relationship that way.

A few days later she offered an acquaintance money to clean up “several red spots” at her home. She even tried to repair the damage with the dead man’s credit card.

Not much later, Turner, her friend and roommate, disappeared. When the news leaked that the doctor’s body had been recovered in Turner’s friend’s car, the threesome switched off their mobile phones for good. The former playboy model managed to evade arrest until March 21, when she was found in California.

She was taken to a Las Vegas prison. Last Saturday the police tracked down her roommate, who was promptly arrested as well. There is no trace of Turner’s friend at the moment.


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