Shock Attack On Dutch Police During Utrecht Arrests (Video)

The Dutch city of Utrecht, where a man of Turkish origin killed four people and wounded five others on a tram last month in an apparent terror attack, was once again the scene of brute violence, this time from people trying to stop police officers arresting a man in the Lombok quarter

In the end, the police arrested four suspects for assaulting and hindering police officers as they were performing their duties. The suspect who was initially arrested managed to escape, but was later arrested again.

The police came to Kanaalstraat after a report about a woman who was harassed by two men. When the officers arrived, the woman had managed to leave the street herself. The officers opened an investigation and found a man who they thought had probably been involved in the incident. Upon checking his data, it turned out that he was wanted for earlier crimes.

The man resisted during the arrest. Dozens of bystanders were involved and heavy blows were sent back and forth. There was scolding, pushing, beating, kicking and pulling. The suspect whom the police were arresting was able to get away because of the involvement of the bystanders.

The police called for extra manpower and this eventually restored order. Images of bystanders show that the police also used pepper spray.



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