South Korean Stabs Neighbors After Setting Building On Fire, 5 Dead (Shock Video)

South Korean police have arrested a 42-year-old man, identified only as ‘Ahn’, after he set fire to his flat. He stabbed five people trying to flee from the flames.

The tragedy happened last night at around four o’clock local time in the city of Jinju, southeast of Seoul. The perpetrator attacked co-occupants of the building when they tried to escape from the fire by stairs. Among the five people killed was a twelve-year-old girl. Thirteen other residents were injured.

The man stated that his actions were triggered by “overdue wages,” police said.

He would not have been under the influence of drugs. Officers arrested him after another flat resident had alerted the police. Firefighters had control of the fire after about twenty minutes.

The police are investigating the mental condition and motives of the man.

According to unconfirmed reports on social media, the man had frequent problems with his neighbors.

An 18-year-old neighbor of the man even had installed CCTV in front of her door. She was unfortunately brutally murdered by the man.



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