Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party Tops EU Election Poll

Former UKIP leader Mr Nigel Farage explained his delight at being informed his new Brexit Party was topping the British polls for the upcoming EU election at the end of May.

‘The public are warming to us. There’s great grassroots support, large numbers of people joining, grassroots donations and all of it feels very exciting. I think we will be announcing a few more candidates next week.’

Mr Farage, who is seen worldwide as the original architect of the 2016 Brexit vote result, stated that: ‘People want a fresh, positive vision. They are tired of career politicians endlessly threatening them, sounding miserable and not believing in the country.’

At the EU elections Mr Farage’s party say they will talk about only one thing: Brexit. He founded the party after being unhappy with the course his former UKIP party have taken, which he claims became a far-right party only about immigration.


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