Adorable Little Girl Screams ‘No, No, No’ Seeing Lion King’s Death First Time (Video)

The internet is going through the motion again of experiencing what it felt like to see the lion king’s father die for the first time.

It all started when a father named Ray filmed his two-year-old daughter Bella absolutely losing it as she watched the scene for the very first time — arms flailing, running in place, full-blown screaming…she even got so invested that she dropped her teddy bear.

Of course we all know what it felt like the very first time and this is indeed very relatable.

Ray’s video ended up on Twitter, where a user shared it with the comment: “Everyone has to go through it, sweetheart.”

For anyone wanting to relive this ‘traumatic’ moment from their own youth, now more than 25 years old already, we have posted the original clip above.


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