Emma Thompson Joins London Climate Protesters (After Flying In From LA)

London has been wrecked by ‘Extinction Rebellion’ for a week now. Actress Emma Thompson even flew in from LA to join in and support the climate change protesters, urging others to join their numbers.

Of course those darned paparazzi following her around everywhere were proof that she had just flown back to Heathrow Airport from Los Angeles the day before, or flying some 5,400 miles (we assume she used business or first class) before telling you what to do with your life.

Much like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande providing support vocals for Lil dicky’s ‘Earth’ and urging everyone to be green before they hop onto their private plane towards another event.

If celebrities really want others to follow their suit, they should of course set the example themselves instead of lecturing others without doing the same themselves.

Their fame may be able to influence the younger generation as those are simply star struck, but for the middle class generation of Westerners that could make a difference to follow suit to follow, a change in policy will of course be needed. Remains to be seen whether any politician in a Democratic system would risk not getting elected next time round in order to ‘save the planet’.

Source: https://www.popbuzz.com/music/news/lil-dicky-earth-lyrics/


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