‘France Under Sharia Law In 2022’ Prediction Writer Wins Country’s Highest Honor

French President Emmanuel Macron has decided to award the ‘Légion d’honneur’ medal, the country’s highest honor, to controversial writer Michel Houellebecq.

Although he is a highly polarising figure, Mr Houellebecq was hailed by the French President as France’s greatest living writer for his sharp observations of modern society. However, critics say he has a past of Islamophobia and racism.

“It seems to me today he makes the most of other peoples’ hatreds in his books,” Guardian Books editor Sian Cain said: “Whether that’s talent or opportunism, I don’t know.”

His most controversial book was launched four years ago and was called Soumission (submission). The cover photo for this article shows how the book was sold in Hungary. In France, it was presented with the top of the Eiffel tower featuring a crescent Islamic moon.

The story predicts that the socialist party of France, in order to stay in political power, will present a Muslim candidate who eventually introduces Sharia law in France by 2022.

He predicted that France would continue its slow collapse and a Muslim party leader takes over as the country’s new president. Women are encouraged to leave their jobs and unemployment falls. Crime evaporates in the banlieues. Veils become the norm and polygamy is authorized.

Universities are made to teach the Koran.

Source: https://www.rtl.fr/culture/medias-people/emmanuel-macron-a-remis-la-legion-d-honneur-a-michel-houellebecq-7797460283


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