Northern Ireland ‘Terrorist’ Shooting During Riots Leaves 1 Dead (Video)

It was always predicted that a delayed solution to the northern Ireland and Ireland border during the Brexit negotiations between the UK and the EU could lead to a rise up of the so-called ‘troubles’ on the Irish isles (which is the historical name for the years of terrorist shootings and attacks by the IRA, the Irish Republican Army, versus the UK forces in Northern Ireland in the past century), which is what seems to have indeed happened.

Of course it is also so that during the Easter Period, tensions seem to rise more naturally between Protestants and Catholics.

Yesterday evening’s riots in Londonderry saw one journalist being shot by protesters as they were rioting with local police forces.

According to police ACC Mark Hamilton, 29-year-old journalist Ms Lyra MkKee was hit when “a single gunman fired shots in a residential area of the city”.

“At this stage we believe her murder was carried out by a violent dissident republican. Our thoughts are very much with the family and friends of Ms McKee, who was a journalist based in Belfast.”

Picture credit: Euronews Youtube


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