Spain Bans Nationalists From TV Debate One Week Before Elections (Video)

Spain’s nationalist party Vox is set to soar in next week’s election. They could even form part of a new rightwing government. However, the electoral commission in Madrid, populated by traditional political parties, want to limit the screen time of the far-right party as they look to gain 12% next week. Vox is calling for a stop on immigration into Spain and a return to ‘traditional values.’

The nationalist party, who won the regional election in Andalucia two months ago, has now been banned from a televised debate leading up to the general elections. The April 23 debate is the only debate scheduled before the April 28 elections.

The anti-immigration party was banned from the debate following a ruling from the electoral commission. The commission argued that Vox’s inclusion was not “proportional” because the party currently holds no seats in the national parliament. That is indeed (sarcastically) correct, as Vox did simply not exist at the time of the last elections.

“Atresmedia maintains that a debate between five candidates is of the greatest journalistic value and most relevance for voters,” the Spanish network said in a statement following the ruling.

A Spanish Member of the European Parliament for the Green bloc, said the ban was important to uphold democratic integrity in Spain: “We need to protect democracy. This party is calling for xenophobia. So for me, it is fair that they don’t participate.”

Source: Picture credit – Cesar Manso AFP


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