Gilets Jaunes Violent Protests As Super Rich ‘Pay For Notre Dame, But Not For Us’ (Video)

In the same week where France’s ‘enfant terrible’ of the literary world, Mr Michel Houellebecq’s new book ‘Serotonine’ was published, which some say is partly based on the anger of the ‘gilets jaunes’ (yellow vests), France’s elite was quick to pour money into a reparation fund for the Notre Dame cathedral, whose roof was lost to a fire earlier this week.

Many online expressed their anger at the fact that the French billionaires were eager to quickly pour funds into the reparation of a church but that the government could not tax them more to pay for the ‘little man’ in France.

And thus, the burning of the Notre Dame cathedral brought with it a re-ignited anger that could be seen on the streets of Paris this weekend when young ‘casseurs’ mingled amongst the elderly, peaceful demonstrators of the ‘gilets jaunes’ and broken several window shops and trashed cars and motorcycles parked in the city centre.

It was already the 23rd Saturday in a row that the protest movement took to the streets to express their discontent over the way France is governed. President Emmanuel Macron announced that he would be laying out his reform plans later this week.


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