Dutch Police Investigate Girl Gang Bullying Fight (Warning Shock Video)

Dutch police have opened an investigation into a video that shows how a girl is beaten and kicked on the head. The images were spread on social media over the weekend.

The facts are said to have taken place in the Zuiderpark in Rotterdam, a city in Southern Holland. When exactly is not clear. The girl is first harassed for an unclear reason, then pulled over and then repeatedly beaten and kicked on her head. While she is lying defenseless on the ground, none of the bystanders intervenes.

The video was posted on Twitter on Sunday and was watched thousands of times in rapid succession. The police also saw the images and an investigation was started. “In the event of a report, the film can be used as evidence.” Anyone who has more images of the incident is asked to share it with the police.

Source: https://www.ad.nl/rotterdam/geschokt-na-zien-kopschopfilmpje~a697b8db/


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