Kanye Sells $50 ‘Jesus Walks’ Socks At Coachella (Video)

Since the beginning of this year, Kanye West has held his so-called Sunday Service on a weekly basis, a concert whihc is like a church service with gospel and a performance by the rapper. He brought it to Coachella last weekend and merchandising of the event was also sold there. However, that merch came at a price

Kanye West goes to church on Sunday. At the beginning of this year he started his religiously inspired ‘Sunday Service’ that takes place at a different location every week. This time the company went to the Californian festival Coachella. On Sunday morning the self-proclaimed Yeezus gave a performance together with a gospel choir. And that also included a stall with merchandising.

Those who wanted to could buy a sweater with “Holy Spirit”, a pair of training pants with “Sunday Service”, a T-shirt with “Trust God” or a pair of socks with “Church Socks” or “Jesus Walks”.

From imagery on social media showed that the line of people waiting in front of the stall was endless.

But there was also a lot of criticism. In particular, the prices of the products were a bit too high. For example, you pay $200 for a sweatshirt, $175 for the pants and $50 for the socks.


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