Yolanda Hadid Blasts Daughter Gigi Over ‘Lesbian’ Volleyball (Video)

55-year-old Ms Yolanda Hadid, mother of models Gigi (23) and Bella (22) Hadid, has been blasted online after criticizing her own daughters for ‘eating’ or playing ‘volleyball,’ which she considers a ‘masculine’ even ‘lesbian’ sport.

During the recording of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, in which Yolanda is one of the big stars, her daughter came enthusiastically to say that she is looking forward to the food that will be served during her birthday. But Yolanda clearly didn’t want to hear that.

The entire recordings were a succession of painful and nasty comments. It all stars when Gigi confesses that she wants to keep playing volleyball, a sport she has been passionately practicing since her high school.

But mother Yolanda thinks otherwise. “Volleyball is a very masculine sport. Being a model is something feminine, Those volleyball girls, they train four hours a day, making their bodies so large and bulky. They eat like men and I want you to develop as a woman.”

Gigi Hadid was seen last week eating a pack of McDonalds fries, a picture has mother blasted afterwards.


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