California Car Slams Into Pedestrians ‘Intentionally,’ 8 Wounded (Video)

A driver has hit a group of pedestrians in the town of Sunnyvale, in the state of California. At least eight people were injured, report local media. The police admitted that they believe the driver deliberately drove into the crowd.

The Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety Captain Mr Jim Cho confirmed this to reporters.

“Looks like it might have been an intentional act. All of that is under investigation at this time. The driver is in custody.”

“We do have witness statements that show that vehicle did not attempt to slow down or brake,” Captain Choi added. “And the scene itself doesn’t show any evidence of braking.”

According to witnesses, the man did not slow down. He was arrested after the collision. No details are at this point known as to his identity or intentions.

All victims have been transferred to hospitals. The youngest victim would be a thirteen year old boy.

Picture Credit: Twitter @NBCJeanElle


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