Instagram Model Slammed For Swimming In ‘Sacred’ Well

Australian Instagram model Cleo Codrington shared what she claimed to be the perfectly idyllic spot last week, but many on social media slammed her for wading into what New Zealand natives consider to be a ‘sacred’ well that should not be disturbed.

Critics claim that by not geotagging the spot Cleo seems to think that she is allowed what others are not (on top of that the fact that she shared the picture whilst trying to sell some jewelry was also badly received).

Although the model did not add a location and just mentioned “New Zealand” in some photos, some followers were quick to criticize Codrington for recognizing the “Blue Springs” near Putaruru.

This is a series of picturesque water features where a swimming ban has been in place since 2016 to protect vegetation.

“There is a reason why this is so beautiful and pure. It is sacred and it is disrespectful to swim here,” someone stated.

Or: “You are always welcome in New Zealand, but respect our islands”.

Another said: “Can I be really clear about something? Don’t geotag or do….if you don’t, don’t say the reason is because you think you’re the ONLY person entitled to visit here. Thank you but I don’t need to do research….me, along with millions before ‘Cleo & crew’ have been discovering isolated and pristine areas for years – we all want them protected and preserved. That’s not exactly what this conversation is about. It is about two people deciding they are entitled to visit such places and at the same time deciding who can’t – ‘we are not sharing because others will ruin it’ ….really??? For those so intent on doing this for tourism’s sake, they seem to want their cake and eat it too. Further to this, there are many comments here deeply opposed to Instagram fame seekers soiling NZ terrain…so clearly this is a topic that impacts upon individuals. If you choose to have a public profile, expect that people will have an opinion. There’s nothing wrong with that and I should t be harassed because your thoughts are different to mine.”


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