Scandal For Austrian Government Over Migrant ‘Rats’ Comparison

A scandal has arisen in Austria about a poem written by a member of the radical-right party FPÖ, which is part of the government.

In “Die Stadratte” the writer, local politician Christian Schilcher, makes the comparison between migrants and rats.

Schilcher is a member of the radical right-wing FPÖ, which is part of the Austrian government together with the Austrian People’s Party ÖVP ever since 2017. The text appeared in a local newspaper of his party. The poem criticizes migrants. ‘Just like we live down here, so do other rats, as guests or as migrants, they have to share the way of life with us, or else quickly get out.’

Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz reacted furiously and demands that his government partner FPÖ immediately distance itself from the poem. “The word choice is repulsive, inhuman and deeply racist,” said Kurz.

Schilcher says he wanted to provoke, but he didn’t want to hurt anyone. He apologized for the comparison between humans and rats. Jews were called rats in Nazi propaganda. “The intention was to make changes that I and others rightly criticize,” Schilcher said.

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Picture credit : 112 International


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