Drunk Russian Doctor Tries To Open Emergency Door During Flight (Shock Video)

Plane passengers overpowered a ‘drunk’ doctor and tied him up to stop him trying to open the emergency exit at 33,000ft.

A Russian anesthesiologist has caused a fuss on a flight from Bangkok to Moscow. Passengers had to overpower Vadim Bondar because he wanted to open the emergency door mid-flight. The nuisance became so great that he eventually had to be tied up.

The 43-year-old doctor was said to be quite drunk.

“He had two bottles of rum in his pocket,” says one of the passengers. “The crew tried to calm him down, but he kept on raving. When his hands were tied, he began to cry and complained that he could no longer breathe. “

Bondar works as an anesthesiologist in a reputed hospital in Moscow. In addition, he also helps patients who are addicted to alcohol and drugs.

“This passenger was clearly drunk,” says an Aeroflot spokeswoman. “He behaved particularly aggressively and even threatened cabin crew. No one felt at ease with his screams. The two bottles of alcohol were seized. “


“He ignored all warnings from the stewards. Eventually, with the help of a few passengers, he could be tied in a separate seat. ”


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