Blac Chyna Didn’t Get Into Harvard (Yet)

Always doing better and more ‘grand’ promises seems to be the way of getting noticed on the Kardashians, and thus when Blac Chyna heard a week ago to Kim Kardashian planned to get a law degree, she must have thought: whatever Kim can do, I can do better. And thus this week Chyna launched an incredible rumor on social media, namely that she had now been accepted to Harvard Business school.

Blac Chyna, real name Angela White, is a 30-year-old reality star and model in the US, known among other things as the former girlfriend of Rob Kardashian and rapper Tyga. She has a child with both men: Dream Kardashian and King Cairo Stevenson.

But there is more to life than TV and modeling, Blac Chyna said last week when she announced she wanted to work on “a better version of herself.” She had previously enrolled herself in the online version of Harvard Business School and was admitted, she told whoever wanted to hear it.

That was however not entirely true. “Harvard Business School has not prepared or sent an admission letter to Angela White,” says a spokesperson for the school.

The reality star’s management did not respond to that statement just yet.


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