Italian Mother Shockingly Strangles Toddler (2) Who Wouldn’t Stop Crying During Sex (Video)

Italy is in shock and consternation over what happened in Piedimonte San Germano, a small Italian town near Cassino.

A mother, Donatella Di Bona (28), strangled her two-year-old son because his crying had made her crazy as she was having ‘reunion’ sex with her former boyfriend, Nicola Feroleto (48). The man watched, but did not intervene. Both parents were arrested and accused of (complicity to) murder.

The horrific facts took place ten days ago. The couple had parked in a deserted street with the intention of having sex in an open field. When they wanted to start the second round after a short break, things went wrong.

After all, Gabriel had started crying in the car, he clearly wanted to go home. Instead of listening to his plea, Nicola gave him two strong slaps.

At home it was Donatella who went crazy. She had always considered her child a burden. Only when he was asleep could she tolerate him. This time she put her hands around the toddler’s neck and began to suffocate him.

When Gabriel no longer gave a sign of life, panic set in.

Crying, the woman ran into the street with her son in her arms. A terrified neighbor informed the emergency services. A few resuscitation attempts and the arrival of an ambulance were unfortunately all too late.

Donatella initially claimed that an unknown driver had hit her son with his car. However, the nature of the injuries soon made it clear that there was more going on.

Nicola, meanwhile, had disappeared. He had even convinced Anna Vacca – the girlfriend he now lives with – to provide him with a false alibi.


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