Charlize Theron Blasts French TV Presenter For Kissing (Video)

Oscar winner Charlize Theron (43) did not know what she saw when a French television presenter suddenly kissed her interpreter Nadia. The latter clearly did not know what happened to her either. “Maybe you can ask next time,” she said.

It happened in the French show “Touche Pas A Mon Poste”. Presenter Cyril Hanouna (44) suddenly leaned over to give a kiss to the interpreter of the South African actress, who visibly faded.

“Oh wow”, the astonished actress cried out, looking at her colleague Seth Rogen. “That was … Ok, maybe you can ask something like that next time,” she turned to the presenter.

It wasn’t the firs time that the presenters of the French show had gotten into trouble. Last year a co-presenter kissed a woman on the breasts without asking as well.

Picture credit: Daily Express


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