Prince William Cheating Rumors Grow On Social Media (Video)

Ever since we first reported on the alleged cheating scandal of Prince William (see our related coverage), the rumors have only grown, with now many on social media giving their take on the story.

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A good explanatory video of what exactly ‘allegedly’ happened is that of The Talko, which was released just yesterday. You can see it here

British press is still burying any such liaison deep down, afraid of being hit with lawsuits, whilst many in the blogosphere are pointing out that if it were true, prince William would simply be following in the footsteps of his own father, who famously cheated on Princess Diana.

So far, it is all still rumor but we can only guess that the Royal press department is glad that another princess, Meghan Merkle, will be giving birth soon to her first child.

Picture Credits: Youtube The Talko And Instagram SaphiaHall


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