Trump : ‘I think Pocahontas Is Finished’ (Video)

US President Donald Trump got into full election mode last night as he spoke to a 10,000 strong crowd in Green Bay. During his long speech, he boasted of a strong economy whilst at the same time criticizing his Democratic presidential opponents.

Turning to presidential politics, the president had a suggestion for members of the Democratic Party.

‘They should change that to the Radical Left Democrat Party. It’s crazy what’s going on with them. Oh, do I look forward to running against them.’

In contrast, he said, ‘The Republican Party is the party of all Americans. And common sense,’ he said, eliciting cheers and chants of ‘USA!’

Trump also referenced his nicknames for two of the leading Democratic presidential contenders – ‘Sleepy Joe’ Biden and ‘Crazy Bernie’ Sanders – and predicted that Elizabeth Warren’s candidacy was already over.

POTUS said: ‘I think Pocahontas, she’s finished, she’s out.’


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