Venice To Charge ‘Entrance Fee’ As From 1 May (Video)

If it were introduced on 1 April, you could think it’s a joke, but given that it is as from 1 May, it is quite serious. Whoever wants to visit the Italian city of Venice as from 1 May 2019, will have to pay an ‘entrance fee’ of 3 Euros ($3.30).

The proceeds are used to keep the streets and alleys clean. In 2017, around 28 million tourists visited the city. That is far too much according to the city council.

Airbnb previously wrote that Venice is “the city most flooded by tourists” in the world. Despite the fact that, according to research, the city can handle around 50,000 visitors a day, it now has an average of 77,000. Venice seems to be increasingly losing to its own success. Unesco has already announced that the city will be on the list of endangered heritage sites if nothing changes soon.

Our advice is to visit as soon as you can before they start taking more drastic measures.

Picture credit – PX Free Photo


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