Kansas Teacher Shockingly Filmed Kicking Kindergartner (Video)

After finding a little girl hiding in a library bookshelf, a Kansas elementary teacher was caught on video kicking the 5-year-old repeatedly. A video capture that could now mean she would have to face criminal charges over the disturbing incident.

First-year teacher Crystal Smith was fired after slapping the kindergartner at Bluejacket-Flint Elementary School in Shawnee. On the imagery, she can clearly be seen pulling the girl from the shelf, grabbing her hard and at first walking away, leaving the child lying on the floor.

Surprising, she then returns and kicks the young girl in the back, making sure the other teacher in the room doesn’t spot her.

“I don’t like my teacher. She’s really mean. She hit me on my arm,” the girl told her mom, according to KCTV.

Smith was placed on leave and “was never again in contact with students and was terminated as soon as the investigation was complete,” school district spokesman David Smith told the Star. She was fired March 25.

“There was no question that we were going to do everything we could immediately to terminate that teacher and to look after that child,” Smith said. “No child should have to experience that.”


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