Mexican Falls Into Tunnel Built To Spy On Ex-Wife

Ms. Griselda Santillán had ended the relationship with her husband after 14 years because his jealousy had apparently become too much for her to handle.

50-year-old César Arnoldo from Puerto Penasco, in the north of Mexico, had also been given a restraining order by the judge for domestic violence. However, in order to remain close to his ex and to keep an eye on what she was doing, he decided to dig a tunnel to her house.

According to Mexican newspaper El Universal, the man had been digging for days and had already reached his ex’s house.

The woman would have told the police that she had heard some scratching noises, but she thought they were cats. However, as the sound grew louder, she went to look and saw her ex trapped in a deep pit.

According to police, the man was dazed and severely dehydrated. He was arrested and is now in prison.


Picture Credit: Fotolia Free Photo and El Universal


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