Norwegian Boat Attacked By Armored Dolphin ‘Possibly A Russian Weapon’ (Video)

Norwegian fishermen have made a very special find on the border with Russia. They came across a white dolphin that was wearing some sort of armor. The animal approached the fishing boat without hesitation and started pulling on ropes and cables.

Researchers and naval biologists were eventually able to remove the armor from the animal and, to their surprise, read the inscription “Property of St. Petersburg.

The animal may have escaped from the Russian military base of Murmansk.

The fishermen first noticed the white dolphin or beluga near the village of Inga in the far north of Norway, not far from the Russian border. “We wanted to throw out our nets when we saw the dolphin swim among our boats,” says fisherman Joar Hesten on the Norwegian channel NRK.

“He approached us, and it was only then that we saw that he was wearing some sort of armor.”

Professor Audun Rikardsen, who teaches at the department of arctic and marine biology at the Arctic University of Norway, claimed that: “We know that in Russia they have had domestic whales in captivity and also that some of these have apparently been released. Then they often seek out boats.”

“Most likely it is from the Russian navy in Murmansk,” said Rikardsen.



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