Russian ‘Temptation Island’ Girl Viciously Attacks Seductress (Video)

Over in Europe or the US, participants and viewers of the ‘Temptation Island’ series know what’s in store when the camp fire images come around. Perhaps you’ll get to see some crying girls or someone shouting angrily afterwards, but that’s about it.

Not so in Russia though.

When participant Svetlana suddenly saw images during the last episode in which her boyfriend makes a move for seductress Irina, all hell breaks lose.

First her boyfriend get with a big slap to the back of the head.

Svetlana apparently thought it was not enough, because immediately afterwards she flew into the hair of the conscious seductress – who was also present, given that all couples in the Russian edition experience their reunification together – literally and figuratively.

Irina had to deal with some serious blows and scratches whilst the rest of the candidates looked on in shock.

Not a happy reunification for that couple then.


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