Australian Senate Candidate Resigns Over Shocking Strip Club Film (Video)

Only a few weeks away from nationwide elections, an Australian Senate candidate at the centre of a gun control controversy has now resigned from his party after shocking footage emerged of him touching dancers and making sexist remarks at a strip club.

Mr Steve Dickson of the anti-Islam One Nation party, who was under investigation for demanding moneys for a pro-gun lobby, was filmed in a US strip club last year.

The footage which was shown on Australian TV on Monday has shocked many as the politician can be clearly recognized and makes shocking remarks.

In the videos, Mr Dickson can be seen touching dancers and making derogatory comments about Asian women inside the club in Washington DC.

“You need to slide your hand onto my c—,” he says to one of the dancers.

One Nation leader Ms Pauline Hanson accepted his resignation, describing his behaviour as “unacceptable” and said the party would continue without him.

Australia goes to the polls on 18 May.


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