Brazilian Top Model Drowns Trying To Save Pet Dogs (Video)

Known Brazilian model Caroline Bittencourt’s body was recovered from the sea after she went overboard the day before to try and rescue her pet puppies. Unfortunately, the tide was too strong and the famous model died.

Ms Bittencourt, who worked as a television presenter in Brazil, was with her husband near Ilhabela, a large island near São Paulo, when the incident took place Sunday afternoon.

The model’s husband, Jorge Sestini, watched her dive into the waters from a boat after her puppies disappeared into the stormy sea at around 4:30 p.m. local time. As she did not surface, he dove in after her. Sestini was rescued two hours later after he failed to save his wife.

The man is still in shock after emergency rescue services found the body of his wife.

A close friend of the couple declared: “She jumped into the sea to save two puppies of hers that had fallen into the water because of the wind. It was just her, her husband and the puppies on the boat.”

“Jorge jumped into the water to try to save her but they became separated from each other because of the storm. He had to swim three hours towards the coast to survive.”



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