Chicago Sophomores In Blackface Taunting McDonalds Employees (Video)

Video and pictures of a group of 4 young white Chicago high school students driving around in blackface have sparked outrage after when they filmed themselves screaming profanities and harassing McDonald’s drive-thru staff.

Imagery and video of the young students from Homewood-Flossmoor High School wearing blackface over the weekend have by now been posted allover social media. Several pictures and videos on Facebook and Twitter show how the white teenagers drive a car with their faces painted black.

They can then be seen taunting a black woman at a McDonald’s drive-thru by making disparaging remarks. The McDonald’s employee afterwards declared she was ‘hurt, frustrated and embarrassed’ by the encounter.

The unidentified woman who originally shared the pictures on Facebook said that when the teenagers were confronted about being racist, the boys allegedly responded: ‘I’m not racist, I love black girls. They’re really thick.’

The boys were according to her ‘fetishizing’ black girls’ bodies and ‘reducing the notion of not being racist towards sexual attraction to someone’.

‘I’m very disappointed that this would happen in this community. The history and effects of black face are well known,’ the woman said.

‘To see students in our communities taking part in this activity and disrespecting the black student population makes me wonder if (Homewood-Flossmoor) truly cares about supporting a safe space for students of color. We need to make sure that the students in this school know that this type of racist behavior will not be tolerated in this community.’


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