Scottish Lottery Winner (23) Bored, Wants New Job

We reported on the UK’s youngest lottery winner, 23-year-old Miss Jane Park a few months ago (see our related coverage), when she cried out to the world that she was eager to find a new boyfriend and was willing to pay him an $80k yearly salary.

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Still no boyfriend, but this time round her cry for help is about something else. Jane posted a message on Twitter two days ago, claiming she was super-bored and thought about looking for a job. According to her, winning all the money in the lottery has not brought her happiness at all.

Jane spent some $50,000 on plastic surgery but claims she was much happier living with her mum in a tiny apartment then she is now when everyone is eager for her money.

This time round, she said: “Me n Chloe r that bored with our life’s n doing nothing all day were considering getting jobs. Howling man imagine us two behind a bar.”


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