US Army Vet Who Planned To Bomb, Shoot ‘White Supremacist’ Rally In Long Beach Arrested (Video)

The FBI gave details as to what led to the arrest of 26-year-old Mr Mark Domingo, who had bragged online about planning to show up at a ‘white supremacist’ rally in Long Beach, California and bombing or shooting everyone.

Court records allegedly show that Mr Domingo, a Muslim convert and a US Army veteran, wanted retribution for attacks against Muslims and therefore, in his words, ‘planned to bomb a Nazi rally.’

He had posted online that “America needs another Vegas event” (referring to the October 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas) in order to “give them a taste of the terror they gladly spread all over the world.”

In response to his arrest, Federal prosecutor Nick Hanna released a statement saying: “This investigation successfully disrupted a very real threat posed by a trained combat soldier who repeatedly stated he wanted to cause the maximum number of casualties.”

Mr Domingo was arrested thanks to an FBI employee posing as someone sympathetic to his cause online. In emails shared with the FBI, Mr Domingo allegedly claimed that if the Islamic State were to come to the US “he would swear allegiance” to the group.

Picture credit: CBS Los Angeles


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