Arizona Daycare Claims Innocence Over Baby ‘Bitten 25 Times’ (Video)

In what can only be described as a nightmare, a Tucson mother has launched an appeal on Facebook this week to urge other parents into caution after she got her child back from a Tucson daycare, full of bitemarks.

Alice Bryant stated: “We just EAS’d and moved to Tucson. Within 5 days of starting her new daycare my daughter was bit 25+ times. I filed a police report for negligence and notified the Department of Health who handles daycare accreditation, the case has is still under investigation, but it’s been two months with no word and neither department contacted me with updates, and I signed up for victim notification.”

“Do not take your children to Creative Beginnings Daycare, it is part of an international organization and the one here in Tucson is accredited by the state. They did not even call when it occurred, or notify me when I picked her up after work. All of these bites happened in one day. Please share!”


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